Hasting's Community Radio Station

We are an Internet only radio station. But listening to us is just like listening to FM or DAB stations that you're familiar with.
As well:

We broadcast at a higher quality than the majority of DAB stations in the country. Try listening to us on a high end speaker or audio system, you'll hear the difference!
But we're also careful with your data if you're listening on mobile - you'll use the same as if listening to Spotify or Apple Music.
We are fully music licenced, which means that the artists whose music we play get paid for us broadcasting their songs.
Our target audience are people who live in Hastings and other parts of 1066 country- but we are heard all over the world.

Hastings Radio is a community radio station that has been broadcasting to the residents of Hastings since December 2022. If you live, work or play in Hastings, choose us are your listening choice.  We have a wide range of shows, with many presenters all bringing different skills, interest, music genres and more. We broadcast music 24hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will also bring you local news &  community information important to you

Hastings Radio is a community radio project delivered by the people of Hastings and surrounding area.

The project involves the development and running of a full-time radio station with the sole purpose of serving the people, communities, charities, organisation & businesses in and around Hastings.

In addition to running a radio station, we will also establish training programmes that will pass on transferable, employability, digital media and functional skills to our volunteers.

We strive to continue to build on our success and continue to welcome new volunteers, providing opportunities to local people, as well as bringing music, entertainment, local community information and much more to the residents in and around Hastings.


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Hey, why not buy us a coffee to help our presenters stay refreshed whilst they play some awesome music on our community radio station!

Hastings Radio is licenced to play recorded music by PRS & PPL, ensuring artists get paid for the use of their music.

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